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Sod Installation

Installing sod is the fastest and easiest way to establish a healthy, lush green lawn. We will help weigh the pros and cons to both sodding and overseeding to determine the right fit for your needs. New sod provides immediate results and will also add value and curb appeal to your property.

Our sod installation process begins by removing any current vegetation. The soil is then tilled and graded to ensure proper drainage, and soil amendments are added to promote the rooting process. Next, the sod is rolled out, seemed together, and cut to your property’s exact specifications. Once the new sod is installed, a sod roller is used to promote good contact between the new sod and soil underneath, allowing it to begin rooting immediately. Finally, thorough aftercare instructions are provided to ensure your new grass thrives for years to come.




  • Offer organic and chemical options to remove current vegetation 

  • Conduct a thorough process that properly prepares the soil, helping to promote early root uptake 

  • Add vital nutrients to the soil prior to sod installation 

  • Provide thorough aftercare recommendations so you know how to properly care for the sod following installation 

  • Provides an immediate, lush green lawn 

  • Helps with erosion control 

  • Easy to maintain compared to seeding option

  • Improves a lawn’s ability to fend off weeds 

  • Less water needed compared to seeding option 

  • Locally sourced sod ideal for Minnesota climates

  • Sod is grown by professional turfgrass farmers

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