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Lawn De-thatching 

Thatch is a layer of dead grass that develops at the base of the grass stems. A thick buildup can prevent essential water and nutrients from reaching the grass roots. De-thatching removes any build-up of thatch to allow grass to thrive.

While some organic matter, such as grass clippings and mulched leaves, can be broken down by natural processes and used for its nutrients, over the course of time, the buildup begins to outpace the breakdown process, causing a layer of thatch buildup.

Our de-thatching process involves using a machine with tines that gently pulls this layer of buildup towards the top of the grass, where it is then collected and hauled off site.

Looking to fill in any weak, thin, or bare spots? Immediately following a de-thatch treatment is the perfect time to overseed your lawn.


  • Allows soil to maintain steady soil moisture and temperature 

  • Allows your lawn to receive sufficient nutrients 

  • Improves fertilizer and pesticide absorption rates 

  • Improves the aesthetic appeal of a lawn 

  • Decreases need for fertilizers and pesticides

  • Decreased need for water input


  • Services offered during the spring and fall to allow lawn to repair itself during active growing seasons

  • Areas that cannot be reached with equipment are hand thatched to ensure entire lawn receives benefits 

  • Several passes with equipment are completed to remove adequate thatch buildup


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