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Lawn Aeration Treatment 


Core aeration is an important practice to provide your lawn with the ultimate care. An aerated lawn will help control thatch, improve soil conditions, enhance root growth, and open airways for water and other vital nutrients to reach the lawn’s root system.

Soil becomes compact for a variety of reasons, including, heavy foot traffic, construction equipment, heavy rains, and poor soil quality. The accumulation of these factors over time prevents soil from assuming the necessary processes needed for grass to flourish. 

A compacted soil inevitably leads to turf thinning, injury, and possibly death due to damaged stems, leaves, and crowns. Our lawn core aeration treatment process involves pulling up plugs of soil to relieve soil compaction. Following a core aeration treatment, the plugs of dirt that were removed will naturally break down in the weeks to follow, leaving your lawn better able to resume uptake of water and nutrients needed to thrive.

Looking to fill in any weak, thin, or bare spots? Immediately following a lawn core aeration treatment is a great time to overseed your lawn.


  • Improves nutrient exchange between the atmosphere and soil

  • Improves water uptake, reducing runoff and puddling 

  • Improves overall turf health and resiliency 

  • Decreases need for fertilizer and pesticides 

  • Reduces soil compaction 

  • Improves thatch breakdown processes


  • Smaller equipment used to avoid turf damage

  • Passes are overlapped to ensure adequate coverage 

  • Mark all sprinkler heads if applicable prior to service  

  • Offered during the spring and fall to allow lawn to repair itself during active growing season

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