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Dog Waste Removal

Are you sick of picking up after your pooch? For a small additional fee, we are happy to pick up any dog waste on your property for anyone enrolled in our weekly lawn mowing services. Since we are already there each week to mow, why not let us handle the dirty work so you and your family have a clean and safe lawn to enjoy!

Although dog poop can seem quite harmless, it is actually considered an environmental pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency in the same category as herbicides, insecticides, grease, oil, and acid drainage. Our services are thorough, consistent, and affordable, so let us help free up your weekends, and leave the dirty work to us.



  • Safe, clean lawn for family and friends to enjoy

  • Eliminate dog waste smell from outdoor spaces 

  • Reduce yellowing caused from dog waste 

  • No need to worry about stepping in dog waste and tracking it in the house

  • Prevent harmful parasites found in dog waste


  • No need for additional workers coming and going since we are already there to mow each week

  • Pet waste hauled away and properly disposed of 

  • Reduced fees due to convenience of being there to mow already

  • Flexible scheduling 

  • Employees are all pet lovers 

  • You will be left with a freshly cut lawn, free of dog waste

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