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Lawn Overseeding

Whether your lawn is thin, weak, or has bare spots, overseeding can help you achieve the thick, lush green lawn you have always wanted without starting over from scratch. Overseeding an existing lawn with grass seed is a great way to bring your lawn back to life, and we offer a variety of grass seed varieties to fill in those difficult areas that struggle to grow. 

The ideal time to overseed a lawn is during the fall, as the soil remains warm from the summer months, while the air begins to cool. This provides the optimal conditions for grass seed to work its way into the soil, germinate, and leave you with a thicker lawn the following spring. If you can’t wait another season to get your lawn in shape, spring is the next best time to overseed. Following a lawn overseeding, we leave clients with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure that your lawn gets what it needs to fill in those weak, thin, and bare areas you are tired of looking at. 

In order for grass seed to grow, it must make direct contact with the soil. To best achieve this, lawn overseeding is often best paired with a topdressing application, lawn core aeration treatment, or lawn de-thatch treatment in order to expose more soil. Based on your lawn's needs, our team will create a personalized plan that will result in a thicker, healthier turf that you can proudly show off to neighbors, family, and friends.



  • Improved overall turf health 

  • Increased ability to fend off weeds and pests 

  • Reduced erosion and water pudding/runoff

  • Increase thickness and curb appeal 

  • Better able to withstand adverse environmental conditions

  • Less costly than the sod alternative 

  • We offer a variety of grass seed options to fill in those difficult to grow areas (full sun, sun/shade mixes, shade, dense shade, boulevard mixes, bee friendly mixes, and more) 

  • Clients are left with thorough aftercare instructions 

  • Hand seeding is completed around all garden beds to avoid grass from growing where it is unwanted

  • Core aeration and de-thatching services offered at a reduced rate with lawn overseeding 

  • Option to add a thin layer of top soil, which allows seed to immediately make contact with soil and supplements vital nutrients in to existing lawn

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