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Environmental Considerations

It is our moral and legal responsibility to continuously monitor and evaluate any impacts that our practices have on the areas in which we serve. This includes staying up to date on best practices, investing in environmentally friendly equipment, and continuously monitoring our impact on the greater environment.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Pest (weed) management has recently begun to move away from relying heavily on pesticides to a more integrated approach based on evaluation, pest assessment, and informed decision making.


We understand the potential negative impact that improper application practices can have on our area lakes and greater environment. To ensure we are not contributing to these issues, we utilize IPM strategies, which greatly reduces the amount of pesticides needed. Licensed through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, our team is trained to properly identify lawn pests and create a treatment plan based on client preferences, best practices, and environmental considerations.


Components of IPM
  • Proper identification – in order to effectively rid a lawn of weeds, it is critical to identify the specific types of weeds present
  • Develop the pest management goal – based on the initial assessment, all available treatment methods will be explored. Client preferences, best practices, and environmental considerations will all be considered
  • Implementation – once the appropriate method(s) have been selected, the IMP program will be carried out and communicated every step of the way

Electric Equipment Options

We offer a full range of electric lawn mowing options. We invest in high quality, state of the art technologies that offer the same great cut quality. Our all-electric mowing services provide these added benefits:

  • Low noise

  • Zero emissions

  • Lightweight/fits in to small areas

  • High performance/commercial grade equipment

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